Thursday, July 5, 2012

Henry: 18 months

My baby has turned 18 months! no more.  This kid is a full blown toddler.  He is full of fun (and challenges) right now.  He's obsessed with his cars and balls and his favorite words are "waz dat, mama?", "where's dat?", "I see it!", "ball", and "car".  He loves clapping for himself and getting praised.  He loves reading books before bedtime and loves singing time in the tub.  He keeps us busy and on our toes constantly!  I love his little personality and contagious laugh.  We love you funny little man!



  1. OBSESSED with these pictures!!! My faves are the skateboard ones! What a handsome little dude!
    Happy 18 months, hinry bron! xoxoxo

  2. Ali!!!! He is a STUD! HE's beautiful...just like your whole family. :)

  3. This kid has it going on. LOVE how these pics turned out!

  4. Oh my adorable blog! And ah, I can't get enough of that cute boy, or those locks. Don't listen to Bryan, and please keep them forever!